Special Request To Parents

No School can achieve its optimum result with out the co-operation form the parents. Your responsibility does not cease with admission of your child into the school. You are only sharing a part of your responsibility with the school management.

Hence :-

  • Parents are requested to go through the Diary carefully, acquaint them selves well with the rules and regulations of the school and ensure that their children abide by them. Courtesy, good manners, honesty, hardwork, good behaviour are all to be developed and maintained by the efforts of the parents.

  • Parents are welcome to meet the correspondent or the Head master / Head mistress or the concerned subject teachers as often as possible to know the progress of the children.

  • When parent-teacher meetings are arranged, parents must attend them without fail, meet the concerned teachers and discuss about the children’s performance.

  • If a child finds it extremely difficult to cope with the studies, inspite of all the efforts by the school and the parents, then in the interest of the child, the parents must make alternate arrangement for his / her schooling in another system of education

  • Parents are requested to look into the school diary daily to see the homework given or some remarks sent to them and see that the students complete the homework. You are requested to make use of the school Diary to send your suggestions or remarks to the teachers.