1000 Miles journey begins with single step. The future of the nation and the hope of the nation depends upon the young minds. We need to advance and it is only possible through the inventive and creative skills and ideas of young mind.

So, we are here to highlight the importance of being associated with the various associations, how we can inculcate the values and the knowledge in language and the subjects and how it is useful in our life.

 We take this opportunity to express the importance of each association.

Tamil Association

tamil association

English Association


  1. English literary club provide an opportunity for the students to exhibit their talents.

  2. It also provides a platform for students to participate in various inter school competitions and also create fondness for language and enhance their literary skills such as “listening, speaking, reading, vocabulary, occupational, strategic, creative competencies” etc..

  3. Now a days English has a special and predominant role in the communicative sphere of the world, so it has a special identity in the field of education.

AIM : It aims at fulfilling all the important 4 skills i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

ACTIVITIES : Warm up Activities for “English clubs”.

I.Fact or Fiction:
In this game, a person says something in short about themselves or someone they know or heard about usually it is something funny or crazy to develop Speaking skill.
II.Who am I.
In this game, the leader prepare cards with names of famous personalities and their achievements to read and to develop Reading skill.
III.Chain Fairytale:
In this game, the leader will read the content from the magazine or from any story book and others will take turn to answer the question at last – to develop Listening skill.
IV.Draw the Picture:
In this game, the leader asks to draw a picture and write few lines about the picture in a creative way – to develop Writing skill.

Mathematics Association

AIM : Aim of our math association is “Mathematics a Great Motivator”, because its career starts with ZERO but it never end (Infinity)
If students do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize that mathematics is a tool of all subjects. So we put effort to make the students to understand the concept and basic of mathematics.
“Small minds discuss persons, Average minds discuss events, Great mind discuss mathematics”.
We make our students to think new ideas in innovative way to work out the problems.

  • We motivate our children to solve the problems by explaining the concept “It you are able to solve the problems in maths, then you will also be able to solve the problems in your life. Because mathematics is a great challenger. Mathematics is the art of giving the same name to different things.

  • Different types of activities are given to improve the knowledge of our students. Maths lab is used for the children to improve their knowledge.

  • Integral and differential problems are solved both practically and application oriented in a creative way.

  • Mathematics is a king of Art and Queen of science. So we always motivate our children to be in a present mind by asking simple questions in mathematics, simple puzzle, to solve small quiz competition among the groups to be energetic. Because we always try to make the students to understand that “Pulse of the Earth is Mathematics”.

Science Association

Social Association

MOTTO : Our motto is “National Integration”.
AIM : Main Aim of our association is to bring Patriotism and humanity among our students.

  1. Social Association unites all the fields within our subject.

  2. We make the students to explore their art, philosophy and understand the value of humanities, service of military, political and diplomatic events through our programmes and studies

  3. In our school, we celebrate Independence day every year to salute the nation and the freedom fighters.

    Our program helps us to know about freedom, human rights and also helps in identifying the cultural norms of our country.

  4. Social studies teach how to give equal importance to each and every religion, caste and race among the people, so that students will know the value of “Unity in Diversity” and respect everyone.

  5. We recognize cultural tourism through our studies.

  6. Social studies encourage students to examine the role of an individual in society and their responsibilities that lead them to be a good citizen of our country.

  7. Last but not least, “To bind the students together as a nation, and a word which is called ‘INDIA’ our mother country”.